Professor M.D.Nalapat

MD Nalapat is India’s first Professor of Geopolitics, Vice-Chair of Manipal Advanced Research Group and UNESCO Peace Chair at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations at Manipal University.

A Gold Medalist in Economics, his career began at the Centre for Political Research, a former Editor of the Mathrubhumi Daily and The Times of India, author of seven books, the latest being The Practice of Geopolitics, currently he is Editorial Director of ITV Network. His insights have frequently changed policy making and it is noticeable that sometimes his writings precede outcomes.

He is among India’s most influential public intellectuals, writing 200+ opinions a year, the articulation on peacebuilding reflects his vision for a stable world, his academic analysis stretches from Europe to the Pacific; Prof. Nalapat was first to define the Indo-Pacific as stretching from the Horn of Africa, to Vladivostok, Alaska and Chile.

Prof. MD Nalapat champions maximum transparency in governance and the need for a free, secular and educated society, standing up for the rights of the individual, especially the common man, against any authoritarian impulse. He campaigns for free speech, freedom of information and against corruption.

In 1998 after the Pokhran tests Prof. Nalapat considered it essential for India to open friendly dialogue with China; he meets key policymakers frequently in Beijing to improve Sino-Indian relations.

In July 2015 he predicted Donald Trump would become President, he has enhanced India-US relations recognizing the importance of a robust partnership between the US and India in matters of global strategy and unity, drawing attention to the political synergy between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, to promote the signing of the three Foundations Agreements.
Prof. Nalapat is the convener of important discussions relating to Global Peace and Stability, since October 2015 he has been active on Korean conciliation and written extensively on the issues; his future plan is to ensure that Asia remains peaceful.