Mr. Seshadri Chari

Former Editor, ORGANISER English weekly (1992-2004). ( An English weekly started 70 years back and covers economic, political, social and cultural news of national and international importance.

Former Consultant (Governance) (2006-2009) UNDP, Juba, Southern Sudan. Project: Facilitation of participation of women in post-conflict democratic set up and capacity building of political parties in Southern Sudan.

Member, RIS Governing Council. ( Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) is a New Delhi–based autonomous policy research institute (under the Ministry of External Affairs) specialising in issues related to international economic developments, trade, investment and technology. Founded as a forum for policy dialogue and capacity-building among developing countries on global and regional economic issues, RIS promotes South-South Cooperation and collaborates with developing countries in multilateral negotiations. RIS is engaged across inter-governmental processes of several regional economic cooperation initiatives. Through its intensive network of think tanks, RIS seeks to strengthen policy coherence on international economic issues and the development partnerships.

Member, Planning and Monitoring Committee, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

Jt. Director, (International Affairs) Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Functioning under the aegis of CSIEAR, INSS is engaged in Net Assessment studies for MoD, IDS-HQ, and other government departments.

Research Director, Chronicle Society of India for Education & Academic Research (CSIEAR), a high–profile institution actively engaged in promoting educational activities and conducting significant research in areas like Pluralism and Democracy, Conflict Resolution, Role of religion in fostering communal harmony etc. (

Vice-President, Society for Consumers’ and Investors’ Protection (SCIP), empanelled by SEBI and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Director, Forum for Strategic & Security Studies. Engaged in publishing reports on subjects of strategic importance for India and the region and publishers of AGNI journal.

Secretary General, Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS). Presently working on land and maritime security challenges. (

Former National Convener, Foreign Affairs Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party. Member, Foreign Affairs Committee, BJP.

Member, National Executive, BJP (

Advisor, International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), an international Buddhist organization devoted to the cause of spreading the philosophy of Buddha.

Consulting Editor, HW News Network ( a digital news portal with more than ten million viewers.

Closely associated in many capacities and as Creative Consultant to popular television serial “CHANAKYA”.

Some of the publications:A New Era in Indian Polity,’Jananayak’ a Pictorial Biography of the then Prime Minister Mr. AB Vajpayee. “Nepal—Emerging Republic”—2008, Economic Federalism—Issues before Smaller States, Need to revisit India’s Nuclear Doctrine, Anagharika Dharmapala—Dhamma Dharma Confluence, Azad Balochistan.